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Founder, DBP Group | certivasconzil, creaverse, kyberno, prelogix | Connected Commerce Lab, Data Value Lab, Distributed Governance Lab, Ecosystem Strategy Lab, Shared Purpose Lab | ArtisLabs, Board PerspectivesClass DialogueToolThink!, universera | Crescott, VentureLands, vicinis

Board Member | Supervise & Advise



Member of the Board of Directors and the Audit CommitteeKlingelnberg

Member of the Board of Directors, Kuhn


Member of the Board of Directors and the Strategy Committee, Chair of the Nomination & Remuneration Committee, Sigvaris Group

Chair of the Board of Trustees, Board Foundation

Vice Chair of the Board of TrusteesFoundation for Value Creation

Member of the Board, Global Network of Director Institutes

Member of the BoardEuropean Confederation of Directors' Associations



President of the Board of Governors, Swiss Institute of Directors

Member of the Global Governance Committee, International Corporate Governance Network

ExpertSwiss Innovation Agency (Innosuisse)

Advisor to the boards of directors of several companies and organizations


Professor | Explore & Share


Titular Professor, StrategyUniversity of Fribourg

Academic DirectorCorporate GovernanceSwiss Board School

Academic Council MemberEuropean Institute for Advanced Studies in Management


Affiliated AcademicSt. Gallen Institute of Management in Asia, University of St. Gallen, Singapore



LecturerEntrepreneurship and Disruption, Transformation & PowerUniversity of St. Gallen


Lecturer, Business Development in AsiaSingapore Management University/University of St. Gallen


Lecturer, Corporate GovernanceTechnical University of Munich/University of St. Gallen

LecturerDigital Value CreationUniversity of Zurich

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